Rasco Premium is a young brand, which is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the FEDIAF the European pet food industry. Rasco Premium is 100% complete & balanced nutrition for dogs of all breeds and sizes. For a dog to be happy and healthy it is essential that they have a good diet. Owners always want the best for their dogs and extend the healthy and happy life of their dogs.

That’s why Rasco Premium is specially formulated with:

  • Chicken meat as a source of quality protein for energy, which is easily digestable
  • Vitamins & minerals to promote overall health
  • Calcium & phosphorus for strong teeth & bones
  • Salmon oil to improves the coat and skin, making them soft and shiny

Shiny coat, bright eyes, good movement and a great deal of energy are all the features of a happy and healthy dog.

Rasco Premium – is a food that your dog will enjoy and love. This food ensures that your dog will get all the nutrients it needs to live a long and healthy life.

Rasco Premium for a longer and better life.